Torture Porn

Antichrist- (2009)

Dir- Lars von Trier

Borderland- (2007)

Dir- Zev Berman

Bunny Game- (2011)

Dir- Adam Rehmeier

Captivity- (2007)

Dir- Roland Joffe

Collector- (2009)

Dir- Marcus Dunstan

Grotesque- (2009)

Dir- Koji Shiraishi

Hostel- (2005)

Dir- Eli Roth

Ichi the Killer- (2001)

Dir- Takashi Miike

Saw- (2004)

Dir- James Wan

Serbian Film- (2010)

Dir- Srdjan Spasojevic

Turistas- (2006)

Dir- John Stockwell

Wolf Creek- (2005)

Dir- Greg McLean
A group of backpackers traveling in the Australian outback is stalked and captured by a psychotic killer who preys on travelers. This intense thriller inspired by real-life murders used the remote setting to add an element of helplessness to go along with the fear experienced by the hapless victims

Would You Rather- (2012)

Dir- David Guy Levy